Transport Canada: Changes To The Air Cargo Security Program:

October 4, 2016
Transport Canada:  Changes To The Air Cargo Security Program:

If you are participating in the Air Cargo security Program as a Registered Shipper, your air export shipments are considered “secure” . KWE Canada is maintaining a secure chain of custody to the airport as an Approved Participant of the program.  This means that your shipment currently is not actively screened by the airline prior to on-board passenger flight.

As of October 17, 2016, it will change and all passenger flight cargo will be actively screened by authorized participant prior to on-board flight unless you secure your own shipment as a Known Consignor. 
The two new categories for Shippers that will come into effect in October 17, 2016 are:

Known Consignor:

 Originator of air cargo that has been made secure through a screening process applied at the time of packing. No active screening required by authorized participant.

Account Consignor:

 Originator of air cargo and has been screened by an authorized participant in the Air Cargo Security Program to make it secure.
  • Important Note:  If you are currently shipping to the United States, the shipper must either be a Known Consignor or Account Consignor on  any passenger plane.
Transport Canada is now accepting applications for the New Air Cargo Security Program Participant Categories. 
Please check the link below to learn about the application process and to complete application form.
Application Process:

If you already participate in the program as Registered Shipper, your company will be transitioned to Account Consignor automatically.  This means that your shipment will be subject to active screening (i.e. X-Ray) prior to on-board flight.  If your company is interested in becoming Known Consignor, you must submit an application to Transport Canada.

If you are currently not a Registered Shipper, and are interested in participating in the program, you must submit an application.
Once Transport Canada receives your application, they will contact you for further information.  Application for Known Consignor will require further validation process by Transport Canada.
Please contact the Air Cargo Security Program Support Center if you would like additional information or require assistance with the application process:
Toll-free number:  1-866-375-7342
Click here to download the Air Cargo Fact Sheet
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