May 14, 2018


GACC (General Administration of China Customs) Directive No. 056

Please be advised that, effective June 1, 2018, we must transmit your China customer’s Uniform Social Credit Identifier (USCI) along with your customer’s contact name, telephone or fax number to the exporting carrier (airline and ocean carriers). The exporting carrier will transmit this information directly into the China Customs system.
We ask that you obtain your China customers’ USCI or OC, contact name, and telephone or fax numbers and provide it on your shipper’s letter of instructions (SLI) or commercial invoice so that we will be able to input the required information into our system.
Please refer to the below chart that indicates the new requirements:








Please be sure to provide your customer’s information for all shipments as follows:
1. USCI – 18-digit identification code or OC – 9-digit number
2. Customer contact name
3. Customer telephone or fax number
Failure to provide this data to China Customs may experience customs clearance delays.
If you should have any questions about this new requirement, please contact your local KWE office.