Air Cargo Security Program is now in effect.

October 25, 2016

KWE Canada’s Toronto facility has been approved by Transport Canada as a Regulated Agent to conduct screening. Active screening will be conducted on all shipments in order to meet the requirements of Transport Canada.  As a result, KWE Canada has invested in a high capacity X-Ray Inspection System for the Toronto terminal to service our customers and to ensure uninterrupted service.


Under the previous Air Cargo Security Program, existing registered shippers with updated Air Cargo Security (ACS) profiles will automatically receive the new Account Consignor status. Air freight originated by Account Consignors will be fully screened before loading onto aircrafts as of October 17th. ACS brings Canada in line with international shipping standards, that will help advance the Beyond the Border-The Canada-US Action Plan on Perimeter Security & Economic Competitiveness.

Shippers have the additional option to apply for the new Known Consignor category. Cargo originating from a Known Consignor will be treated as secure as long as the secure chain of custody is maintained.


Before you book your next shipment:


– Have your export documentation ready at the time of pick-up or prior to drop-off.


– Palletized cargo cannot exceed 48″x 48″x 63″(h) – larger pallets will be broken down and each carton will screened individually.


-Palletized cargo can only contain a single commodity. In the event of multiple commodities, screening will be conducted by individual carton.


-Plan for an earlier pick-up to allow sufficient time for screening.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact your local KWE representative.

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